50+ Workout Formats

These are workout formats, not just 50+ individual workouts! And they are all distinctly different from each other. Each of these creative formats comes with a sample workout, and the variations on each is almost limitless…imagine 50 + formats that can be made into 1000s of totally different workouts!

80+ Bodyweight Exercises

These are not your grandfather’s calisthenics! Fun, creative Bodyweight Exercises explained in text and full color photos, including Partner Exercise Combos. Use the exercises to make hundreds of different workouts. No expensive equipment required!

Individual Formats

Your campers do these workout formats as individuals, but in a team setting. Ladders (movement, time, stationary). Killer 20s (not Tabatas, these are worse!) Dirty Dozens Plus. Sweet 16 (sweet might be the wrong word!). Ascending Assets. Dizzy Pyramid. Advanced Dice Game. And many more!

Partner and Group Formats

The fun and camaraderie that comes from partner and team formats is unbelievable! And those two things go a long way to ensuring your success! Uneven Steven. Partner Relays. Partner Ladders. Partner Combos. Partner 90s. Team Races. U-Pick It Wilson. Building Block Relays. Team Relays. Team Competition. And much, much more!

Fitness Challenges

The program includes Fitness Challenges to measure your clients fitness levels and test for improvements.

Cardio Interval Workouts

Use these Cardio Interval Workouts to complement your Boot Camp workouts.

All Fitness Levels

By using the creative formats in this program, your boot camp will attract ALL fitness levels at once! Even husbands and wives can workout together and they both get challenged! The camaraderie built from this alone will blow your mind!

Added Challenges

Many of the workout formats have Added Challenges that offer ways to add even more interest, challenge and fun for your clients.

Save Time and Energy

The Best Boot Camp Workouts gives you everything you need. No more spending countless hours searching the internet for fresh, new ideas. Time is money. You’ve levergaed your time by running boot camps; leverage your time by buying the only resource you need.

Save Money

You could spend hundreds of dollars on a bunch of mediocre fitness/boot camp ebooks or you can buy the ONE product that is literally the ONLY resource you will ever need for years of unique and creative workouts.


I’ve been running my boot camp for over 4 years and have never run the same workout twice…and most of my clients have been with me for over 2 and 1/2 years….think there is a connection?


Your success depends on keeping things interesting and fun, week after week, year after year.


Boot Camps that are merely indoor workouts taken outside won’t succeed and they won’t last.


Boot Camps that are merely a string of random exercises won’t succeed and they won’t last.


Boot Camps that offer creative, camaraderie-building, fun workouts that challenge every fitness level will have clients flocking to them…and staying for years!


Searching around the internet for fresh, new stuff will take countless hours of your valuable time.


You’ve probably already wasted hundreds of dollars on disappointing products that merely offer the “same old same old”.


Struggling to keep things new and different puts a drain on trainers that can take the fun out of what we do.


Make your fitness boot camp business stand out from the crowd!


A literally endless supply of creative, challenging workouts can be downloaded to your computer in the next THREE MINUTES for the ridiculously low price of $97 $37 . This really is a ridiculous price…seriously, how long does it take you to make $97? Far less than an hour if you already run your own camps! This ebook is going to save you literally HUNDREDS of hours over the course of your boot camp career…do the math and this may be the best business investment you will ever make!


We’re so confident that the Best Boot Camp Workouts will make your classes more fun and your life easier (and more fun!) we’ll even give you a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If these workouts and exercises aren’t everything described above, simply ask for a refund and we’ll give you one, no questions asked.


Best Boot Camp Workouts makes it so easy….and fun!







“I recently received a review copy of “Best Boot Camp Workouts”. As a boot camp owner and operator, I always get super excited to check out new workouts, exercises, and fitness challenges. I had to stop reading Caroline’s eBook at page 51 (it’s a 134 page eBook) because I got so pumped up about implementing some of Caroline’s workouts. I had to drop what I was doing and start planning my next days boot camp workout using some of the training methods from “Best Boot Camp Workouts”!

This new eBook is packed with new workouts and ideas to get your head spinning. You may want to add another boot camp class just so you can try out some of these techniques! I love the “Killer 20’s”, “Stationary Movement Ladder”, “Advanced Dice Game”, “Time Ladder” and the list goes on. And I REALLY like the “Added Challenges” option that makes the workouts fun!

Nice work, Caroline, this new eBook, “Best Boot Camp Workouts” is a “must have” for any trainer or coach. I endorse this product 100%!”

Scott York, NASM-CPT
Cedar Park, Texas

“Caroline, excellent job and an excellent resource for any bootcamp trainer! After reviewing this jam packed bootcamp workout ebook and knowing Caroline from the online community…I knew it would be high standard..and from an in the trenches bootcamp trainer, this is packed..over 50 workouts,challenges,partner and team workouts cardio intervals and over 80 bodyweight exercises,plus pictures…wow…I strongly endorse this for all bootcamp trainers..this is top notch and an awesome resource!”

Georgette Pann, BS,CSN,CPT,LPTA


“I love the ideas that Caroline comes up with!  She has breathed new life into many of my bootcamp workouts with her creative and fun sessions and some really original exercises.  In fact, it was a blog post before I even got the book itself that gave me some of my now-favourite partner exercises of all time!  I had reached a bit of a sticking point, resorting to the same bank of exercises, struggling especially with good partner exercises, that are so valuable in building camaraderie and fun. Caroline’s fab ideas helped get me through that, and sparked even more ideas of my own, too!

The different workout formats are great and varied enough to mean you could never have to think of another session again if you didn’t want to. I haven’t tried all of them and some may never be quite my ‘style’ (like ‘Baseball’ but maybe that’s just the fact I’m a Brit!) but in fact it is those I want to challenge myself to try out to shake things up for my bootcampers!  Even getting one new, funky exercise idea and one new format for a workout makes the purchase worthwhile, and of course there is way more than that.

As bootcamp trainers we are constantly bombarded with bootcamp products but most deliver the same old stuff and it can be so frustrating when you fall for the sales pitch. That’s what I love about this, no cheesy sales, just no-nonsence, tried and tested ‘in the trenches’ cool stuff from a top real-life bootcamp coach!

Thanks Caroline!”

Caroline Radway
Southampton, England


.“I spent hours searching the Internet for references for ideas on exercises, formats, etc. I came across several books and videos that were touted as “must haves” with great customer reviews. When my purchases arrived, I was more then disappointed! They did list some exercises, and had some ideas for circuit training, but there was nothing that could really make my camp stand out.

I then purchased Caroline’s Best Boot Camp Workouts and I haven’t stopped jumping up and down since! It is fantastic!! It has pictures and explanations of enough unique body weight exercises to keep my campers more then challenged and never bored. It keeps my costs down because I don’t need to purchase expensive equipment. Not only does it list exercises, but it gives formats that include partners, relays, intervals, time ladders that keep the boot campers minds and bodies guessing. I get fantastic physical results, my campers love it, and most of them stay with the program month after month! Many of my clients have not stopped coming since the first day!

I wish Caroline had big red letters on her site that read “the real deal”!!! I wasted so much money wading through worthless material. Thanks so much for your incredible resource!”

Amber Bell
Biddeford Pool, Maine
Biddeford Saco Boot Camp


“I bought another person’s boot camp workouts product and they are ok but it wasn’t what I was looking for. With squat, push, pull, single leg and core exercises there are only so many combinations you can do. Your book allows me to take those exercises and become creative! I’m from a personal training background – just working with one to one clients sometimes three at most. So when I started boot camp group training, I was out of my depth. Personal training and group training are so different, and that’s where your book really helps with new ideas. And I’m forever searching the net for info on running better boot camps and I come across alot of rubbish. You on the other hand have something great!”

Shaun Olivier, CPT
Westville, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa


I just want to say thank you so much for creating your amazing ebook!  Often times as a trainer it’s difficult to come up with a new and different workout every day which can take hours of planning to make it creative, challenging, and fun.  Your ebook is awesome!  You’ve done all the work in these amazing workouts!  They are all very well thought out and are ready to take straight to the groups!  No planning or guesswork-they are trainer-ready!

There have been some days where I come up short in deciding what to do for my next workout and then I go to your ebook and can easily find a great workout that’s already done for me that I know my teams will love.  Some favorite workouts that my teams really liked are 3 Round Run, Killer 20’s, and Traveling Baseball, to name a few.  My teams have really enjoyed the workouts that I’ve used from your e-book because they’re challenging and for me, I know they will help them to lose weight, they’re interactive so the teams really have a chance to bond with each other, and best of all, they’re fun!

You have a great ebook and I know I’ll be using it often.  Thanks again!!!

Amy Knight
CPT/BFit Customized Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

I was so happy to find Caroline’s Best Boot Camp Workouts.  I run a Tuesday/Thursday early morning boot camp  as well as teach other cardio type classes during the day.  I am always looking for something fun, challenging, and adaptable.  Her workouts are absolutely the best.  Not only does she give you all these different templates, she gives you all the exercises to plug in I really don’t know how you could ever repeat the same class twice, unless you tried.  Right now, my clients really love the deck of cards and the dice game.  We also do plenty of ladders and timed workouts with the Gymboss timer.  The formats are extremely adaptable to the varied fitness levels of the participants.  Of course, they all think I am so smart and creative, little do they know that I am doing a lot of planning with the help of Caroline’s Ebook.  Do yourself a favor, get this program, save lots of time and have a lot of fun with your clients.

Ellen O’hara
Core Asset Fitness Training

Westwood, Massachusetts


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